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The Asheville area is accessible to hundreds of miles of world-class off-road excursions. We have mud, rock, creek and river fording, steep climbs, hair raising descents, and the incredible views for which the Blue Ridge and Great Smokey mountains are known. In our first article, we discussed the first four off-roading tips for western North Carolina:

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The mountains of western North Carolina offer beautiful terrain and unique challenges for off-road drivers. If you are thinking about planning an outing off the beaten path, there are several things you need to know. In this post and the next, we will talk about ten things you need to know before you go off-road in Asheville. This will not be a comprehensive list, however, so make sure you consult local experts and experienced drivers.

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Tires are among your vehicle's most important components. In our previous post, we discussed five signs your car needs new tires, including:

  1. The Tire Tread is Below Lincoln's Head
  2. Tire Threads are Visible
  3. Your Vehicle Vibrates at Certain Speeds
  4. Your Tires are Showing Cracks and Dry Rot
  5. You're Experiencing Poor Vehicle Handling

Wednesday, 28 June 2017 17:37

Five Signs Your Vehicle Needs New Tires


As the only parts of your vehicle that make contact with the road's surface, the condition of your tires is key to your car's safety and performance. With our challenging and varying terrain and weather, it is imperative to replace your tires when they wear thin. In this article, we will discuss 5 signs it is time to replace your tires:

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Driving in the mountains of western North Carolina can be a challenging activity for drivers and their vehicles. Sharp turns and switchbacks, significant climbs and descents, and extreme weather make traveling in Asheville make it difficult to maintain your vehicle's longevity.

Wednesday, 26 April 2017 20:45

Nine Driving Tips for Heavy Rain Part 2

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In our previous article, we discussed the first five of nine key driving safety tips for heavy rainfall. Our beautiful mountains make driving more difficult, especially during adverse weather conditions. We want to make sure you are ready for spring and summer heavy rains and thunderstorms. Our first five driving tips for rainfall included:

  1. When it is Raining, Slow Down
  2. When it is Raining, Increase Your Following Distance
  3. When it is Raining, Turn Your Lights On
  4. When it is Raining, Beware of Slick Roads
  5. Before it Starts Raining, Make Sure Your Vehicle is Properly Maintained

In this article, we will continue our list:

Wednesday, 26 April 2017 20:37

Nine Driving Tips for Heavy Rain Part 1

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Sunshine and warmer temperatures have finally returned to western North Carolina. After several days of rainy weather, we are finally enjoying spring. Nevertheless, this is the season for quickly forming thunderstorms with heavy precipitation. We want to make sure you are ready to drive in every type of weather Asheville can throw at you. In this article, we will discuss the first five of nine driving tips for heavy rain.

Saturday, 01 April 2017 20:02

8 Spring Vehicle Maintenance Tips Part 2

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In our previous article, we discussed the first four of eight spring vehicle maintenance tips to keep your car running well throughout the year. The first four tips included:

  1. Thoroughly Wash Your Car
  2. Windshields and Windshield Wiper Blades
  3. Make Sure Your Tires are Roadworthy
  4. Check Fluid Levels

In this article, we will continue our list with four additional tips for transitioning your automobile from winter to spring. It is important to remember, it is always wise to have your vehicle inspected and maintained by a professional auto service shop

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8 Spring Vehicle Maintenance Tips Part 1

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Spring is officially here. Along with spring-cleaning and home hone-do lists, this is a great time of year to perform routine maintenance on your vehicle. In our next two posts, we will discuss eight vehicle maintenance tips for spring. In this article, we will include the first four. 

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Retro Lube is committed to the highest quality customer service in a unique environment. As part of that commitment, we are blogging resources to help you care for your car between oil changes and tire rotations. However, with our first article, we wanted to discuss what makes our shop unique in Asheville, NC. 

From the opening of our Goldsboro location sixteen years ago, we have made it our mission to bring something unique to the oil change and automobile maintenance industry. Our stores are designed around the idea of the old service stations, where your attendant wore a bow tie and brimmed hat, and they cared for your vehicle like it was their own. Centered on customer service, here are four factors that make us unique in Asheville:


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